Seviarynets: Shattering Young Front will not

Unregistered organization "Young Front" is going through another internal crisis. Favourites "Young Front" Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich, former political prisoners, not found the awareness about certain qualities of the activities of this youth structure.
Internal conflict between the chairman "Young Front" Dashkevich and his deputy Artur Finkevich became public. Journalists were two press releases. One — that Arthur, according to the decision of the Diet organization sacked deputy chairman. On the other press release indicated that the activities and Finkievich and Dashkevycha leadership positions suspended until the beginning of the Congress, which will take place at the end of the month.

Zmitser Dashkevich
Dashkevich blames Artur Finkevich in destructive activities that may entail splitting the organization:
"Artur Finkevich was going to spend a dummy Congress. Delegates is, all the people who would be able to maintain it at a gathering. When realized that does not work, started to create some initiatives and organizations. He was handed a serious reprimand, but he did not back down from its own activities.
When it became clear that intrigues such people, as Dranchuk and Finkevich, no support, he began to say that working on the destruction of the organization and the Congress to announce the release of many structures. "

Artur FinkevichArthur, in turn, blames Dmitri Dashkevich totalitarian manners.
"All this happened just as there are two sides of the development vision" Young Front ". One side — side Dashkevycha — more tightly tuned. Dashkevich wishes to retain the chairmanship of the organization, and to consume at least some dissent.
He appeared totalitarian habits. In fact, when we are fighting for freedom and democracy in Belarus, I think that we have no right to be the same as Lukashenko, in those or other moments. Hope blowjob time and Dmitry becomes an adult, and he is held. "

Anastasia Palazhanka
Deputy Chairman of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka took the side of Dmitry Dashkevich:
"Six months back the I heartily agitated for Artur Finkevich as deputy chairman for the organization. But Arthur, indeed, chosen a different way of managing an organization. Unfortunately, we ran across numerous indecent act on his part.
Arthur has people who follow him. But it is less than 20% of the members of the organization. Artur Finkevich suggest when he says that will create a youth movement, then goes and create a youth movement. "
Co-chair of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Paul Seviarynets couple of years from the beginning of the creation of the organization was the favorite "Young Front". He survived 5 severe crises organization and believes that segodnyaschy situation — an ordinary thing for the youth structure.

Paul Seviarynets
"Such crises movement experienced 5 or 6. Thank God," Young Front "was always kept and remained the strongest and more massive youth movement. So it will be on This time.
The problem is that no two men agreed mores. With the help of some benefactors and special services, the situation was brought to a boil. But now, I think, a few weeks later analysis of blockages, as statedsmiling, we see that in reality the movement persists and "Young Front" will act as acted earlier. "
"Young Front" last year celebrated 10 years of their own activities. Many members of the organization were now known public figures and politicians. Malady — one of the main participants in street actions and initiatives aimed at reviving whiteRussian language and culture.
Members of the "Young Front" — favorite by the number of arrests and serving criminal cases. 10 activists were tried for his role in an unregistered organization. Members of the organization in Minsk and regions are under the scrutiny of special services.

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