Sex tests in Germany for a 12-year-old children.

Being a man, on the one hand tolerant, and on the other the father of four children, who have lived in the west quarter of a century, I, of course, has seen a lot. However, the story that happened yesterday, even I had plunged into a stupor.

My colleague has brought to the editors test, which gave her 12 year old son. Although, technically, it was with the consent of the parents, as it was on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, but a form of testing that the child brought home all stunned.

And here is the test that met the children.




Where is the line between sexual abuse and education?
Cynicism is that the week-long workshop for school children raised as a "trainer" lesbian and gay!

If this is liberalism that is libertinage, full of sexual chaos (a term Marquis de'Sada)?
The child has received a deuce (by Russian standards four)! Made one mistake!

How about "screaming" parents, will join the "analyte" stories.

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