Ship Repair Yard BSF completed modernization of Ukrainian submarine Zaporozhye

Ship Repair Yard Black Sea Fleet Russia completed the renovation of the Ukrainian Navy submarine "Zaporozhye", reported today Head of information management BSF captain Vyacheslav Trukhachev.

"Federal State Unitary Enterprise" 13th Shipyard Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation ", located in Sebastopol, completed the overhaul of a large submarine" Zaporozhye "Naval Forces of Ukraine, — he said. — Ukrainian submarine nearly 11 years was at the factory mooring naval enterprise. During this period, experts BSF fully restored the technical readiness of the ship. autumn 2010 Ukrainian submariners in two phases were practical training at sea aboard the submarine Black Sea Fleet, "Alrosa".  

Before leaving the factory submarine "Zaporozhye" visited the Ukrainian Navy Commander Vice Admiral Yury Ilyin. Turning to the company's management and representatives of the Black Sea Fleet industry, he thanked everyone for their cooperation and hard work to restore the ship. "Almost a third of your life boat carried by the walls of your plant. Hopefully, the company has become mother for the boat, just for you" Zaporozhye "was not a stranger. Through joint efforts with industry in Ukraine are preserved submarine force. And I am to you for this very grateful, "- said the commander of the Ukrainian Navy.

Diesel submarine "Zaporozhye" was built in Leningrad in 1970. It was part of the Soviet Northern Fleet, then in 1990 — Black Sea Fleet. Aug. 1, 1997 it was transferred to the Ukrainian Navy. The submarine, however, required a major overhaul. Due to lack of funds in the Ukrainian budget it has long stood on the stocks of the dockyard.

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