Ships being built for the Russian Navy, as of Photos from 14.07.2013g.

In Russia there is a large-scale construction of the fleet, not so long unoccupied yard, crammed with orders for the Navy, before our eyes, created our new fleet.

Glory to Russia.


1. Project 955 SSBN "Alexander Nevsky" — displacement of 17000t.

2. Project 955 SSBN "Vladimir Monomakh" — displacement of 17000t.

3. Project 955 SSBN "Prince Vladimir" — displacement of 17000t.

4. SSNs of Project 885 "Severodvinsk" — 13,800 tons displacement

5.PLARK 885M project "Kazan"-displacement 13800t.

6.MnogotseLeft DEPL nroject 06363 "Novorossiysk" displacement-3100t.

7.Mnogotselevaya diesel-electric submarine of the project 06363 "Rostov-on-Don" displacement-3100t.

8.Mnogotselevaya diesel-electric submarine of the project 06363 "Stary Oskol" displacement-3100t.

9.Mnogotselevaya DPL Project 677 "Kronstadt" displacement-1765t.

10.Mnogotselevaya DPL Project 677 "Sevastopol" displacement-1765t.

11. MRC Ave 21631 "Grad Svijazhsk" — 949t displacement.

12. MRC Ave 21631 "Uglich" — the vessel 949t.

13.MRK Ave 21631 "Great Ustug" displacement-949t.

14.MRK Ave 21631 "Green Dol" displacement-949t.

15.MRK Ave 21631 "Serpukhov" displacement-949t.

16. DFA pr.21820 "Denis Davydov" — displacement of 280 t.

17. DFA Ave 21820 "Ivan Kartzov" — displacement of 280 t.

18.Protivodiversionny boat project 21980 "Rook" (head number 8002). — Displacement of 138t.

19. Countersabotage boat project 21980 "Rook" (serial number 984) — displacement of 138t.

20. Countersabotage boat project 21980 "Rook" (serial number 986) displacement of 138t.

21, 22, 23. DFA Ave 11770 "D-??" — Displacement of 99.7 tons

24.Korvet 20380 "Steadfast" displacement-1800t.

25.Korvet 20380 "Perfect"-displacement 1800t.

26.Korvet 20380 "Loud"-displacement 1800t.

27.Korvet Project 20385 "Rumbling" displacement-1800t.

28.Fregat Project 22350 "Admiral Kasatonov" displacement-4500

29.FDrafts regattas 22350"Admiral Gorshkov" displacement-4500t.

30.Fregat Project 22350 "Admiral Golovko" displacement-4500t.

31.Proekt 12700 Composite base minesweeper "Alexander"-720t displacement.

32.Fregat Project 11356 "Admiral Grigorovich" displacement-3620t.

33.Fregat Project 11356 "Admiral Essen" displacement-3620t.

34.Fregat Project 11356 "Admiral Makarov" displacement-3620t.

35.Fregat project 11356R / M "Admiral Butakov" displacement-3620t.

36.BDK Project 11711 "Ivan Gren" displacement-5000t.

37.Desanty boat project 21820 "Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov" displacement-260t.

38.Desanty boat project 21820 "Warrant Officer Lermontov" displacement-260t.

39.UDK project VRS-160 "Vladivostok"-displacement 21300t.

40.UDK project VRS-160 "Sevastopol"-displacement 21300t. Construction photos yet, so ready version.


Support vessels for the Navy:

41. OIC Ave 22010 "Amber" — the vessel 5736t.

42. BGK etc. 19920B "BGK??" — 320t displacement.

43. SAT etc. 745MBS "Victor Kopecky" — 1,300 tons displacement.

44. SBS Ave 22870 "SB-45" — the vessel 1200T. (Standard)

45, 46. MB, etc. PE-65 "MB-92", "MB-93" — displacement of about 700t.

47. MHC etc. BSA-1000 "Umba" — 2290t displacement.

48.Morskoy transport weapons project 20180TV "Akademik Kovalev"-displacement-5500t.

49.Morskoy transport weapons project 20180TV "Academician Alexander"-displacement-5500t.

50. MHC etc. BSA-1000 "print" — 2290t displacement.

51. RB Ave 90600 "RB-392" — 417t displacement.

52. RB Ave 90600 "RB-398" — 417t displacement.

53. RB Ave 90600 "RB-399" — 417t displacement.

54, 55,56,57,58. They promise to deliver this year: RB Ave 90600 "RB-400", "RB-401", "RB-402", "RB-403", "RB-404", "RB-405" — displacement of 417t.

59. Boat communication project 1388NZ — 419t displacement.

60,61,62,63. Diving boat project 14157.

64.Spasatelnoe ship "Igor Belousov" displacement-5000t.

65.Sudno communication "Yuri Ivanov-displacement 2500t.

66.BGK project 19920-295t displacement. Construction photos there, so ready version.


67.Sudno logistics of the project 23120 "Elbrus" displacement-9000t.

68.Transportny floating dock project 22570 "Sviyaga" displacement-3300t.

69.Mnogofunktsionalnoe modular vessel of 100 tons displacement, 23370.

70.71. Diving boat project 14157

72.Plavuchy crane project 02690-2000t displacement.

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