Shortage of doctors in Belarus disappear entirely in 2013

Deputy Governor of the Belarusian government Alexander Kosinets acknowledged that the country has a shortage of doctors:
"The country lacks doctors 4260. Measures taken to increase admissions in medical universities. In next year it will be increased at the expense of the budget for 2100. And more than half of will be taken extrabudgetary place. But the lack of doctors elimination will be achieved only in 2013. "
Pediatrician Anna Osmolovskaya explains why many of her colleagues are left with:
"Wages small. Even those who like this work, must go, because it does not have enough funds. Work is in principle possible, but we need for it and get excellent."
Deputy Prime Minister is concerned budget losses:
"With diseases associated large cash loss of the country. Solely Last year to pay for sick leave went 551 billion rubles.
And the products that did not, I would give 3 trillion 750 billion rubles. Economic loss amounted to 4 trillion 309 billion rubles. This is 5.4% of gross domestic product. "
Economist Leonid Zlotnikov associates these numbers:
"All costs for the national economy from the budget are about $ 5 trillion. This agriculture to a greater extent and in industry. 4.5 trillion — the cost of governance."
Alexander Kosinets suggested adopting a special law for people’s health. "Maybe whereupon although some will look for health because they are looking for your car, "- he said.
A deputy Viktor Marahin proposed to predict the budget special payments — the real merits of those who are unwell.
But the Minister of Economy Nikolai Zaichenko does not see how this can be done centrally:
"At the level of entities such policies can be implemented more efektevna on my eyes. "
Deputy Prime Minister A. Kosinets: "country lacks doctors", 28.11.2007

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