Should the rules of conduct at school about personal sphere?

Kids just trying to be similar to the movie characters
In Belarus, there is no common set of rules of student conduct. Any school produces its own charter of that approves teachers’ council.
The head teacher of the school № 170 Minsk Mrs. Larisa says that a code of conduct in the school where she works, has no restrictions on personal relationship between students:
"Kids just want to be similar to the characters of movies. Our kids really, especially in the morning when they come to school — welcome to kiss greeting, especially girls, if a boy from their company, and they say hello to him. This is not a Belarusian tradition — they behold the take over on television and as a culture. "
Human factor: an occasion for scandal, not only in school
16-year-old knows Svyatayana Emelyanova story that happened with a student Minsk school number 100 50 In this school seventh Svyatayana previously studied.
Emelyanov: "girl walked arm in arm with her boyfriend. It saw a teacher who just went home and made natural scandal. Say, you put on the account, and so on — and after a day in school this scandal lasted. "
Lyudmila Karshunova, a teacher from Fanipol states that never faced with rules that forbade students to school to show the terrain school feelings:
"And do not close. And stroll and obymayutsya, and in the field and in school … I think, it is very normally. But it is unclear what hugs were there — well yes kisses hugs are different … "
Ban — not a fruitful way in education
Do schools in the rules governing individual cases of students? A word from Ivan Rupo, 16-year-old student of the Lyceum № 2 in Minsk:
"I believe that we have no such. I studied in various schools, have never encountered. Suppose you see a particular sub» callback object of sex, which is more or less familiar. Stopped said" Hi! " , kissed on the cheek, that’s all. This may be in school. prirekany And no part of the administration does not appear. "
The head teacher of the school № 170 Minsk Mrs. Larisa convinced that introduce some restrictions, and specifically prohibit friendly hugs or kisses — not worth it. She shares her experience:
"We are looking at something very … If we can communicate with parents and to comment on the form of advice — but in the form of such a ban, rude comments — this is unacceptable."

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