Slide: activists urge people to local referendum on nuclear power

District to hold a referendum proposed local Protestant informal society of "Freedom in the Lord." Protestants wish to know whether you agree with the inhabitants of the nuclear power plant construction in Gorki district.
According to the manager of the community Peter Malanachkin already distributed more than 2-hundred flyers with this text: "Dear compatriots, I urge you to say your" no "atomic plans," no "- the second Chernobyl. "Yes" — the future without radiation, disease and death. Defend our city. Together we are strong. "
"Leaflets often stick as often someone breaks them," — said Peter Malanachkin.
The initiative Protestants joined local public activists.
"We do not expect authorities will be standing at "attention" and will support us. This is one of the abilities somehow arouse society. Make people understand — that something happened to your favor, you need to do something. Public apathy is moving slowly.
The situation affects everyone. Most people, they are passive or active, they realize that it is unsafe and this something needs to be do. When talking with them, they say they are — I do not just sign, and help with collecting signatures "- Said the journalist Edward Brokarau Gorki.
Initiators of the referendum believe that they will collect the necessary votes. According to the Constitution, for a local referendum is necessary that he spoke for more than 10% of people eligible elect and live in this area. In Gorki district about 30 thousand voters.
One of the possible sites for the construction of nuclear power plant is located near the village of Gorki district Kukshinovo — fifteen miles from Gourock. Second Krasnopolyanskaya playground, also in Mogilev — in Chaussky area.
• In Gorki district are going to hold a local referendum, 29.10.2007

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