Slutsky sugar refinery gets its own anthem

"Belarusians and Market." "The country is threatening excess liquidity." The government of Belarus has accumulated this year significant financial resources, most of which should be spent in the coming months. According to the views of economist Vladimir Tarasov is bad adab» TO ANY stability of the money market: the likely jump in inflation and increasing the liquidity of the banking system, leading to a decrease in the prices of ruble resources and falling interest rates on deposits. Last insecure population outflow from banks.
"Evening Brest". Berastseets Vitaly Panasiuc went to the Penza region hoping to return home wife. A year earlier, 50-year-old Lena Panasiuc at Central Market met with the ladies, who preached "teaching" Pyotr Kuznetsov. First time Lena was gone in the past year, and then fight with, the use of force Vitaly managed to recover his wife. But This year May 27 she was gone again. Sent several letters home, told that he lives in the woods, she is fine, and will never return home. At this point in the dugout near Penza together with 3 dozen fellow Lena awaits doomsday.
On the "nail" numbers "" Belgazeta "says Victor Martinovic:
"The main material of the rooms will be material from Minsk Forum. We analyze the behavior of the parties in this forum. There was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And the very fact that the words of political prisoners, 12 of the EU requirements sound it is very fundamentally. "
November 24 people under white-red-white flags on the porch regional museum commemorates 10 thousand Slutsk rebels who did not want to live under any Bolsheviks, nor under the Poles, and supported the creation of the Belarus-independent. Photo report from the event publishes Slutsky "Info-chickens» er."
Slutsky sugar refinery gets its own anthem. The competition was attended by 7 people. Jury Selected Poems Heating Plant Alexander Prokopovich, wrote music for the anthem Shumansky Andrei and Sergei Protasevich.
Soligorsk pyatsiklyasniki Girel Alexander Dubrovsky and Gleb became laureates of the international contest "The role of media in building a new world," which was held in the Land of the Rising Sun. Participated in the competition for more than 4 thousand students from 138 countries in the world. All the works were written in British English. Alexander wrote about the threat of terrorism, Gleb — about kids who threw ancestors.

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