«Smart Cabin» for the PAK FA

KRET makes the latest electronic systems for T-50

The parent company to establish electronic systems for the PAK FA is SRI instrument making. Tikhomirov included in KRET. Serial deliveries fighter fifth generation to the troops begin in 2016.

PAK FA — Russian multipurpose fighter fifth generation. It engaged in the development division of the United Aircraft — Sukhoi where fighter passes under the designation T-50.

Development of promising fighter is gaining momentum. The parent company to establish electronic systems for the PAK FA is the Scientific Research Institute of Instrument them. Tikhomirov (NIIP). Radars developed at the institute, established on 70% of all Russian fighters.

According to the statements of the White Jury, CEO NIIP, electronic system PAK FA with active phased array (AESA) is a fundamentally modern, different from aviation radar classically awareness. On the plane will be installed not only the main radar AFAR, and set other both active and passive radar and optikolokatsionnyh stations. Similar stations spaced across the surface of the aircraft, almost making «smart trim.»

First series of flights confirmed good technological advance development.
Yuri whitewashed, CEO NIIP

Brand new radar development NIIP contains 1526 transceiver modules that provides a huge range of aircraft detection, target tracking and multi-channel implementation of missile weapons. Radar is built completely on Russian hardware components based on gallium arsenide nanoheterostructures leading technologies and antenna systems with electric control beam.

New radar from NIIP was first unveiled at the MAKS-2009. Not counting the main radar at MAKS-2009 also provided additional radar for a promising fighter L-band constructively posted throughout slat. Its application will allow not only to increment immunity and combat survivability design, and is largely neutralizes reduction technologies visibility enemy aircraft.

Yuri said as pure white, three aircraft systems from NIIP already connected to the test, two more planes coming to the end of the year. Tests of LII. Gromov uncrated in Akhtubinsk plan and they are there to begin in March and April, he said.

Two sets of on-board radar already have solid raid experienced swatches — objects of T-50 and T-3-50-4, recent flight tests join 3rd — T-50-5 with the equipment on board the NIIP.

«The first series of flight data confirmed the possibility of merit traits in major modes» air » and «air-surface», indicating that a decent technological advance development. But the problems of sudden there is a huge amount that comes naturally to the pioneering development and to address their needs time «- said General Director NIIP.

For export on the basis of the PAK FA with India created an export version of the aircraft, designated FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft — Fighter 5th generation). NIIP. Tikhomirov also involved in the development of Russian-Indian. According to Yuri niveous Institute has already performed and defended sketchy and technical project and is ready to continue.

«Submitted Materials» dry «, they, in turn, — the Indian side. At the moment we are negotiating process. I think that the delay in the main related to project financing capabilities Indian side. I think that the chances of all the same huge, «- said the company CEO.

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