Smoked dog and cat — traditional Swiss appetizers

How well do we know the Europeans and their secret passion? It turns out that Swiss farmers appreciate cats and dogs. For example, in the form of smoked. So in some cantons "the most civilized country in Europe" in the plates of local residents can see a piece of sobachatiny or koshatiny. Unlike Germany and Austria, in Switzerland it is not forbidden by law, is prohibited only to produce meat in quantities greater than their own needs.

While outraged animal welfare advocates say "shame culture", the Swiss edition Tagesanzeiger pragmatic study points to the American psychologist Melanie Joy, according to which the habit of people love their pets and eating other animals — no more than a certain belief system.

The Swiss, who love meat dogs and cats are also considered false controversy erupted and hypocritical. "Then the pork is not"- Says a farmer from the canton of St. Gallen.

At the same time, the Swiss authorities prefer not to do formal studies on the number of eaten "meat St. Bernard."

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