Soc march: Not goes beyond new scenarios worked years

Tsigankov "European march Oct. 14 was quite very criticized by analysts and journalists. But it has come to various estimates, from 5 to 10 thousand. As of yesterday, "Soc March" came 1-1.5 thousand. How then can estimate this action? Either it’s all the people in Belarus who care and social policy cancellation of privileges? "Silitski:" Of course not. But mass protests occur, usually during vnutryapazytsyynym format. I am co-chair of the opposition’s demonstrations, and at times it is transformed into an evening meeting with old friends. And here, it seems, or social topic has not touched veterans street protests or the march was organized on the wrong audience, which they declare. In short, such things do not mobilize opposition subculture, that’s all. "
Tsigankov: "Can such conduct" Public march "somehow change things inside the opposition coalition? Would not this not very successful action occasion for reproach? Say, if we organize out 10 thousand, and if you communists, only one tyscha … "
Silitski "mobilization potential of at least some members of the coalition of very small to hold the stock yourself, without the help of others. I think even that the more claims for a leadership claims that we create differently, knitted, and "put all of you", the less goes really. I remind you, which intense criticism on the classical opposition collapsed and gentlemen Skrabets Frolov — and how many people came to their picket?
Does not go out until the latest opposition. Leaves nothing new beyond the scenarios worked for years. "
Tsigankov: "Perhaps, march through the streets of the town — it’s not quite the form that can attract people that are more concerned with specific social neuvvyazkami. People who are far from the opposition. Other than they can attract? "
Silitski: "Let us remember that the benefits have not yet been canceled. This will be made at the end of the year. As could wait for the crowds on the streets perturbed by this occasion people?
And second — in general. I think that value, civilization things, of course, must be defended in the center of town. A social theme — here the mountain must go to Magomed. Here the action you need to plan where there are people. If you want to undermine the swamp — excellent. But I do not think it will undermine the marshes on October Square Sunday, especially under social slogans. "

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