Soc march. Photo reports our correspondent. 1

12:15 Several hundred people have about Academy. There favorite Social Democrats and Anatoly Statkevich Lewkowicz, vice-chairman BPF Viktor Ivashkevich, ex-presidential candidate Goncharik. Not counting the Reds Russian and municipal red-green flags appeared Belarusian white-red-white. Activists came "Young Front". According to Dmitri Fedoruk, young people do not participate, and only came to have a look. A large group of young people in dark clothes company is "Snow White will." There are slogans: "No — paid medicine", "No — higher prices," "No — abolition of privileges"" No — forced contract. "
12:20 In the middle of the march participants have Public lady that has with a pot and spoon. When starting to play brass band, lady peel spoon into the pot to the music. It states that came to share from hunger. At the Academy of the priest is the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (BAOC) Akalovich father. He stated Radio Liberty, that its role in the promotion wishes direct attention on prepyadstviya BAOC that do not recognize the authority.
12:34 weight has Russian flags — they keep the representatives of Russian organization "Defence", which position themselves as the democratic opposition. In an interview with "Freedom", they stated that they considered as if coupled with Russia Belarus will live better and have come to share, to support his friends from Minsk.
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