Soc march. Photo reports our correspondent. 3

14:13 Vice-chairman BPF Viktor Ivashkevich said in an interview Radio Liberty"I came to this action, to show that the BPF and for me personally there are no forbidden places, and government can not forbid me to come to October Square, as radicals can not prevent me to come to Bangalore. Overview — efficiency action. By the way, I do not see here those who called themselves "constructive youth."
14:57 Several 10’s of protesters came to Independence Square. They began on the steps of Government House, unfurled a banner "No — abolition of privileges. " Demonstrators hold white-red-white flags, shouting: "Long live Belarus", "Freedom for political prisoners", "We have one road — Belarus to God." They are accompanied by journalists and special forces soldiers in civilian clothes. Nobody delay.
15:02 The action at the Government House is finished. Participants flags turned and left.
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