Sparingly streaming report Comrade Stalin …

"Farmer’s Field" in 1927 reported: "The representatives of Belarusians, Ukrainians, Jews and Germans and Lytvyn signed a contract for a day or elective unit in case of elections to the Polish Sejm and Senate. So during the next elections to the Polish parliament, marked above the nations, that one way or another were in Poland, as minorities, will total block. Voter Belarusian, Ukrainian, Gide, Teuton and Litvin, give your own voice in a single list, which will be by the time padgatavany and exhibited. "
"Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937 prints diary propagandist Ilya Degtyareva "on November 25. Today very zapamyataetstsa: at the receiver gathered a huge amount of adult farmers, collective farmers, and youth. Sparingly streaming report Comrade Stalin at the VIII Congress of the Council, which is recorded and passed on kinoplentsy radio Kominterna behalf. November 26. Grandfather Alexander Degtyarev and old sausage, incidentally blind, never were on exercises. Who decided to go to their apartment, to talk about the electoral law. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1957 notes: "Russian Internazionale Russian people for some reason does not wish to catch up with other nations by adhering to favorites lion’s share. Although they say that Russian society is the most advanced society in the world, Russian folk ustsyazh delayed at the border of the Middle Ages, dreams of their own historical vocation of his own genius is not available, and slander of his own benevolence and compassion. Shallow skromnasts people … "

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