Special tactical doctrine MVD special forces of the Russian Federation

  • Serviceman 604 th SPC MVD Russia
  • Serviceman 604 th SPC MVD Russia

Anti-terrorist special tactical exercises special units of internal troops of Russia

March 27 the Day of Russian Interior Ministry troops at the site of a separate division operational use in Balashikha (New Village) passed a comprehensive anti-terrorism special tactical exercises, with the participation of aircraft interior troops, units of a separate division of the operational purpose (Odon), and 604 soldiers On the center of a special purpose and the 33rd Special Forces "Relight" CRK MVD of Russia.

According to legend, the teachings of internal forces in the battalion tactical groups were blocked site areas and reflected the conditional bangruppy attempt to break through the line blocking, and the soldiers of SPC-604 and 33rd DOS "Relight" demonstrated the tactics of the liberation of the hostages and the arrest of criminals in the building.

BTR-80 fires on conditional bandit group

Actions battalion tactical group supports payment ZU-23

Mi-8AMTSh aircraft interior troops comes to strike

Servicemen 33rd DOS "Relight" as part of overcoming the divisions of fiery assault course

All participants of the lessons from the 33rd SPE "Relight" are conscripts

Took up positions to storm the building and the release of hostages

GAZ-233036 SPM-2604-th TSSN

Directly to storm the building provides 604 th TSSN

The completion of the operation, the detainee is placed in a criminal armored car

The soldiers of the 604-SPC

Then the soldiers of the 33rd SPE "Relight" demonstrated the approach to the building under cover of armored vehicles and cleaning of premises

Automatic Speaker Val

Armokomovsky broneschit BON-6 and submachine gun PP-2000

The second group of the 33rd SPE "Relight" performs blocking area

Gunner with PKM on the roof of the GAZ-233036 SPM-2

Ural-4320 Star-B-604 of SPC

GAZ-233036 SPM-2 33rd SNS

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