Split in Yuen front?

BelaPAN quoted statement released activists:
"We, the activists of" Young Front ", heads of regional and district structures, declare afterdnie processes inside our organization are contrary to the statutory provisions, aims and objectives of the Young Front and lead to a split in the organization. Believe this situation caused by abnormal and undemocratic behavior of the control organization Dmitry Dashkevich"- The document says.
Creators statement calling on Congress to elect a "decent manager." As they see fit to do extensive movement "Young Belarus", which aims — to bring together all youth structures in order to win the Democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential elections.
Recently the Young Front Sejm approved the decision of the organization of the deprivation Artur Finkevich Deputy Chairman of the Young Front. According to the website of the unregistered youth association — "for acts aimed at discrediting the Young Front and the sample split the company."
Continuing the theme — the material Lyubov Lunyova.

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