Sredneuralskaya poultry farm remodel

SUE on "Poultry Sredneuralskaya" in the Sverdlovsk region will hold technical upgrading. Also as part of the program of state property in the region in 2010-2012. provided corporatization of state unitary enterprises poultry.
At the first stage it is planned to transfer 9 floor buildings and 2 buildings of the old equipment with new cell cellular equipment. This will increase the capacity of the plant by more than 25% — instead of 16,000 tons of poultry meat in live weight per year is planned to produce about 21 tons. Also at the poultry farm will be built a new hatchery

After the company will hold a reconstruction of slaughter and processing to process growing volumes. Under the line capacity of 9 tons per hour will be a new building
As director Sergei Shirokov, is tasked to increase plant capacity by half within five years. The company will replace the form of property — 4 months will go reorganization — corporatization. After this simplified procedure of borrowing.

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