Stakhanov Railcar starts using reinforced frames Czech production

Stakhanov Railcar involves the transition to the use of reinforced side frames, freight car bogie 18-100, in accordance with the recommendations of the Association of Railway Transport of CIS producers.


Czech companies SCB Foundry and CKD Kutna Hora, major manufacturers of car casting, at the request of the SVZ and other market participants are introducing enhanced production design frames.

In enterprises SCB Foundry and CKD Kutna Hora developed programs putting into production and certification of casting "Rama side" traits. 578.00.019-0 "enhanced." SCB Foundry and CKD Kutna Hora intend to fully and in accordance with the established deadlines to fulfill contractual obligations with the PAO "Stakhanov Wagon Works" on the delivery of a large car casting of high European quality.

Production of the side frames and beams bolster carried out on the basis of the existing license agreement with the holder of documentation of "Scientific and Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod" and certificates of conformity issued by the Federal State Institution "Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport" of the Russian Federation and the current to the middle of 2015.

"A large car casting, manufactured SCB Foundry and CKD Kutna Hora, meets in full the current regulatory documents, the market is positioned as one of the most reliable, as for the whole period of the above mentioned products is not a single case of vanishing cars because of poor casting. Issue of European quality cast — is a regular operating activities of our companies, "- said the guide SCB Foundry and CKD Kutna Hora.

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