Stalinist repression — a special case of a global phenomenon era

February 19, 1942 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the extremely decree number 9066, by launching forcibly displaced 114,000 Japanese (of which 70,000 were U.S. citizens) in the concentration camps.

Being by nature a counterbalance to the myth of Stalin in his lifetime, according to which the Generalissimo was a living deity in the "earthly paradise", an anti-Stalinist legend has kept Stalin in the center of "hell" of the past, but in the role of the prince of darkness …

Like any myth, which denies the existence of the world outside of a closed universe, the anti-Stalinist legend ignore events taking place in addition to Stalin. Therefore, in order to subject them to critical analysis, it is necessary to pay attention to the processes of open and latent, which took place in our country and around the world in the 20's and 40's. Even a few examples that contradict the anti-Stalinist myth, may raise doubts as to its validity, as well as any evidence of travels around the world or the individual facts of astronomy destroyed the myth of the flat earth on three pillars.

Stalin's actions should be evaluated in the context of the era in which human perfection was assessed primarily in terms of its material achievements, and there were no casualties, were considered too large for the sake of economic progress …

Sudden waves of general suspicion, arrest by absurd accusations, the conversion of friendly and balanced people paranoid, to seek out enemies under his bed, and angry butchers have occurred in many parts of the world, where he had never heard of Stalin and Yezhov …

Such phenomena occurred in different countries and at different times, once a society is in a state of crisis, war, civil strife or suspenseful external aggression or internal coup. Northerners have arrested thousands of "suspicious" people during the war of the North to the South (1861-1865), and the "great democrat" Abraham Lincoln authorized the arrests. During the Franco-Prussian War and the First World War, in the belligerent countries became victims of absurd accusations random people. The rumor is that the "secret agents" carry gold in cars through Germany in autumn 1914, has led to the fact that dozens of motorists were killed before they were able to utter a single word in his defense.

After the start of the German offensive on the Western Front, May 10, 1940 "vigilant" residents of the Netherlands, Belgium and France were seized blondes who seemed to them "agents of the Gestapo" and often killed on the spot. Arrests were no foreigners, as well as priests and nuns, who were accused of the fact that they — disguised German paratroopers. Among the victims was a total paranoia and violent enemy of Hitler — Lion Feuchtwanger, who was thrown to the French camp, and only narrowly managed to escape from there. Tens of thousands of "suspicious" persons who have been arrested in Britain, were transported to the camps, "Siberia" of the Western Hemisphere — Canada. Many of them died along with ships torpedoed by German submarines in the Atlantic.

It seemed that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor did not take the FBI by surprise 48 hours after the onset of war, the American police have arrested a 3846 secret agents in Japan, Germany and Italy. However, the police and the FBI plagued by reports of secret agents, who allegedly was operating with impunity, right under their noses. Honest, friendly, and attentive nechvanlivye Americans exposed the neighbors, who were making in the attic something "suspicious" or were "suspicious" conversations, or owned a "suspicious" languages. Calculations of the FBI testified that false and erroneous cases denunciations exceed the original enemy activity in about 10-20 times! Special suspicions aroused persons of Japanese ancestry. Hundreds of thousands of Americans alert to inform government agencies that come from Japan purposely put their horticultural beds so that their direction shown airplanes the way for the next aircraft factories. They denounced that at night the face of Japanese lanterns showed the blood, where it is necessary to fly bombers Mikado. Although no Japanese aircraft during the war is not reached the continental U.S., these messages caused widespread panic and outrage. The belief is that every Japanese emigrant and descendant of Japanese immigrants is a member of secretly conspired "fifth column", has forced quite a "democratic" U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt to give …

During one week in February 1942, 120,000 Japanese Americans were forced out of their homes (mostly in California) and thrown into the camp, placed in the northern states of the country. Three years people whose guilt has never been proven, held behind barbed wired. It should be noted that the lawlessness committed against 120,000 U.S. citizens, were happening in the country, on the ground that did not fall, no enemy bomb, do not set foot any enemy soldier, and the last civil war ended 80 years ago.

At the same time, Stalin and his entourage were not "abnormal exception" among the leaders of the XX century. They showed just enough sensitivity to people's lives, how much was taken from the heads of the great "democratic" powers, quietly calculates — how many soldiers would survive if the atomic bombings destroyed the two cities of civilians by hundreds of thousands of people each … Amazed that the Soviet leaders sent Hundreds of thousands of people in the camps, we should not forget the fact that the same action creates not only the leaders of the "undemocratic" the "Axis countries", but also Roosevelt, Churchill. Raynaud's and other leaders of the "democratic" coalition. Torture, inhuman torture in prisons and brutal punishment applied and continue to apply in many countries around the world participated in the struggle against fascism, and then signed all kinds of covenants and conventions on human rights. Complicity Roosevelt, Truman and Churchill at the injustices and cruelties XXveka, so as obvious as that of Stalin! ..

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