Started production of Lada Granta Sport

February 27, 2013, as previously reported, AvtoVAZ in Togliatti with LADA Motor Sport Technologies began production of LADA Granta Sport. Given the complete set and properties, the price of a new Russian sports car LADA unique — 443,000 rubles (recommended retail price).

Home sales LADA Granta Sport — the second quarter of 2013.

Test Drive LADA Granta Sport dealers LADA will be available in April 2013

The volume of production in 2013 — 1000 cars, in the future, and AvtoVAZ LADA Motor Sport Technologies will focus on the interest of consumers.

LADA Granta Sport (Index model 219059) — low-volume car with a manual transmission. It combines sport setting engine (120 hp) and a firm suspension, the original body kit and stylish "sport" interior.

LADA Granta Sport Package includes an exclusive "sports" elements: light-alloy 16-inch wheels and low-profile tires Slik Yokohama, front brake discs increased size and rear disc brakes.

Exclusively "acute" management provides a shorter steering rack (2.7 turns the steering wheel). The new rope, 5-speed gearbox has received a number of sports and main pair with a ratio of 4.3. Sport suspension, developed by LADA Sport, reduced clearance LADA Granta Sport to 140 mm. Link rear suspension of the original design with a negative camber.

With its sporty, LADA Granta Sport incorporates the elements of comfort and security, "luxury" civilian version LADA Granta. In the set: fog lights, air bags for driver and front passenger, electric power steering, sport seats with enhanced lateral support, leather steering wheel and gear lever, heated front seats and windshield, outside mirrors with electric and heated, powered front and rear doors.

The car has a top speed 197 km / h. Disperse hundreds — 9.5 seconds. Average fuel consumption (recommended gasoline with octane rating of 95 octane) on Driving Cycle — 7.8 l per 100 km.

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