Started the competition and technical creativity DYNAMIC GENERATION

Company CSTS "Dynamics" for the first time organizing a competition of technical creativity "DYNAMIC GENERATION",
which aims — to find and support talented people in the technical fields related to aviation, the increasing interest of children and young people to aviation and aircraft construction, the disclosure of their creative potential, as well as community support people interested or professionally involved in the subject of creating unmanned aerial vehicles.

The main prize — 100,000 rubles!

The competition is held with the participation of the Administration of Zhukovsky, JSC "Air Show" TSESAT "TsAGI", JSC "Institute of Telecommunications," Palti MIPT, Moscow Aviation Institute.

Information partners of the Competition: branch agency "AviaPort" portal AVIA RU Network, the magazine "Helicopter".

Participants will be able to provide unmanned aircraft of its own design up to 5 kg, which is to go through several competitive tests.

For more details on the conditions of the competition, please visit

"DYNAMIC GENERATION" — an open competition, the final of which will be held on August 25 in Zhukovsky near Moscow. Awarding of winners will take place on August 27 in the MAKS-2013.

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