Stavropol Begalet surprised the Germans

On major international industrial exhibition HANNOVER MESSE — 2013 Stavropol was one of the seven subjects of Russia, who provided the industrial achievements. As the correspondent of "FederalPress.Yug" at the exposition drew particular attention is unparalleled in the world of aircraft, designed in the region.

Versatile vehicle Begalet "Evolution 1" attracts attention. It is unique, having no analogues in the world, a hybrid vehicle. The car is a hybrid electric vehicle, and the glider minisamoleta

Flying over the traditional technique, he has a number of competitive advantages. First of all, the ability to travel on the roads of varying terrain, the ability to take off from a small lawn. In addition, Begalet safe, economical, and has a very wide range of applications. It is the possibility of using in the MOE or the police, and aerial photographs, and the vehicle for first aid.

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