Stavropol region: apartment buildings equipped with solar panels


Nine blocks of flats village Essentukskie Foothill region of Stavropol equipped with new equipment, saving energy, reported in the management of the regional government gosinformpolitike.

"In order to achieve economies of resources in a number of houses have been installed motion sensors that will ensure a reduction in electrical energy consumption to 50% in the common areas. Automatic control of lighting in basements, porches and attics depending on the ambient light level is made possible by the use of relay FR-7H and LED luminaires SPV-01. Other innovative solutions — installation of LED lights such as "Focus" USS — 70/100 that reduce the consumption of electric energy in the light of surrounding territory by 25-30%, as well as first-class metering accuracy of "Mercury" solar modules FSM 150, Battery GM 12 70 automatic charge control devices EPRC-ST-MT 10/12/24 », — reported in the department.
The total amount spent on the job, was 34.8 million rubles, the financial support of the Fund — 25,000,000 rubles. The houses have been completely replaced by the utilities, and the roof, and insulated facades.
In addition, the seven-storey houses of the village Essentukskie now installed solar modules, batteries, charge control circuit devices, lamps with LED bulbs. This enabled disable common areas of the central power and produce lighting of common areas and local area due to the energy of the sun. Savings owners of up to two thousand rubles a month.

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