Steel rail 2009

Dear fans! Who has the map JUS. It's time to take stock of the 2009 season and select a player who will be awarded a "steel rail". This prize was established in 2007 by the assembly of all the organized groups of fans Locomotive and became an annual event. [Cut] In September 2008, the match Lokomotiv Moscow — Zenit took delivery of a "steel rail" in 2007. Prizes were awarded to the most deserving, in our opinion, the players who play confirmed the dedication and loyalty to our "Locomotives" in recent years. It Sergey Gurenko, Vladimir Maminov Oleg Pashinin. In July 2009, the "Joint south" organized a trip to Minsk to award the prize for 2008 to Sergei Gurenko, which fans chose ballot. This year's selection will be the best player in the same way as in the past — by voting in the office (equipped with a special cube on a sheet select — Player name and number UnitedSouth card or club card), [b] also for the convenience of fans, including of the regions you can vote via the Internet, send an e-mail: showing your name and the names of the player and the card number. [/ b] Such a system would avoid markups and enable more objectively select the winner. You can choose from all the players who took part in official matches for Lokomotiv in 2009. Voting will last from December 27 to March 7. The prize will be awarded in the first half of the season. We hope that the prize for our guys, "Steel Rails" will be especially valuable, since it is awarded and presented by people who are giving their all for the sake of victory for our team and which players in and out on the field.

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