Steklokompozit in the service of energy efficiency

Company "Fiberglass", Resident cluster of energy-efficient technologies Fund "Skolkovo",
developed and successfully implements its own unique hybrid composite material "Biocomposite"

The material is based on biogenic aragonite crystal. The company believes that the technology will be in great demand as traditional materials such as PVC, aluminum and wood no longer meet the high standards of energy efficiency.

Business "Stekloplastic" originates from the Canadian technology company fiberglass window profiles Inline Fiberglass Ltd, which in the late 90's was imported into Russia.

In the framework of intergovernmental agreements on the conversion of Inline FiberGlass came to Russia with the technology of fiberglass. Then the business has not gone, but the Canadian know-how is a Russian company received a license, has successfully adapted and developed the business in the domestic market. Originally, the company bought a Canadian profile and is the only manufacturer of windows and doors out of it all over the country, and then began to make a profile windows and doors of fiberglass yourself. Today, "Fiberglass" is a steadily growing business.

The company entered the 25% increase in annual sales. in 2011, the company has established two thousand square meters of windows and other products made of composite fiberglass per month, and up to 2012 the company entered the index set 2.500 "square" in the month.

"Since 2020 all new homes in the developed economies will be built with zero energy. The tree eventually dries up and the high thermal conductivity of aluminum. It expands and contracts is 2.5 times stronger than the window. PVC profiles are reinforced with steel inserts, creating thermal bridges and significantly enhances heat transfer, "said the deputy director of the" glass-reinforced plastics "for Science Elena Nikulina.

Energy-saving window profile of the hybrid composite with nano-filler, conserves energy level standards of leading Western countries, increased fire protection, comfortable life for the lifetime — 50 years without a major and preventive maintenance, ie no maintenance.

Dry the data obtained in the course of research and development, demonstrate how nano-additive of "biocomposite" improves the key features of products:

  • Mechanical strength: The ability to osteklyat large areas (3h3m) without additional imposts and loss of thermal efficiency, that is, the frame actually perform the role in part of the structure.
  • Fire resistance: Solid, non-volatile residue is 95% lower smoke generation.
  • Environmentally friendly: No highlights HCl (unlike PVC) during operation and remains fully operational quality in the most severe and unstable climate (temperature range of -100? C to +170? C).

Ultra-high strength properties determine the durability, the resulting product is 1.5-2 times cheaper than similar PVC with the same level of energy saving (ie, 5-chamber profile, 2-pane glass, and 1 glass, inert gas). Under the same design solutions, heat savings can be 20-40%.

"In Skolkovo, we came up with a new recipe own profile when in the mixture, a special nano-additive increases the mechanical (and without space) profile properties and its thermal insulation characteristics" — added Elena Nikulina.

Now, she said, the company has mastered the technology of micro-additives in profile, and with the production of nano-additives will be located in Novosibirsk, where the pilot plant will be set up for a new super-product.

Reference: aragonite is part of nacre of mollusk shells and exoskeletons of coral, of his finest stacked layers of pearls. Aragonite is formed by living organisms, that is why in the name of the material has the prefix "bio". Of course, the product is not made entirely of coral. Corals are present in the nanocomposite only in the form of small flakes, reinforcing the unique superproperties the final product: the strength of steel, the thermal conductivity of wood, fire glass, absolute environmental and anti-bacterial.

Author: Oleg Nikishenkov

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