Stellar. Toys made of plastic

Stellar ® company started life in 1994 as a small private company, all equipment which was two injection molding avtomata.Osnovnoy activity was the production of plastic products, including plastic utensils and supports for CDs and cassettes. In 1995, our registered trademark.
The first steps in the development of the domestic market of children's toys began in 1997 with the release of a block design and dice "ABC." A year later, the main focus has been the production of children's toys made of plastic.

All products are manufactured according to their own development, including the idea, design, design, technological preparation of production and then. Due to increased demand, the need to manufacture a large number of molds (tools). In 2000-2001, were acquired by Japanese, American, Swiss, as well as domestic machines for metalworking. Organize your tool shop. Currently, we manufacture high-precision and high-speed tool of excellent quality for the production of parts plastic toys. In this case, the company does not produce a tool for outside organizations, as plan to make your own molds designed for more than a year in advance.



Design and construction is based on the software package Pro / ENGINEER ® (Parametric Technology Corporation, USA) — a specialized system solutions for the problems of engineering design and manufacturing.

Today the range manufactured by Stellar ® toys is more than two hundred items. The company is one of the leaders on the Russian market and is widely known in the CIS countries, and participates in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Since 2005, began the development of packaging in the form of toys for the confectionery industry. In 2006, the company's achievements in this area were marked diploma Association "SOYUZUPAK" and a gold medal winner of the "Packaging — Star of Russia — 2006" for a series of original plastic packaging, and in 2007 — silver medal of the exhibition "The world of ice cream and cold" for a series of plastic containers for ice cream.

Now the firm Stellar ® acquired a patent for a two-component package in the form of toys for packing ice cream. It can prepack two different product separately.

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