Stepan Sukharenko summoned to the court as a witness

The process began on 5 November and held behind closed doors. Judged 3 KGB officers and 1st Officer of the Security Council. Surname 1st defendant — Orlovsky, other names not called. On November 14, the process was made by Zeno crush. It is clear that from his own testimony as a victim, he refused. Accused threatens to limit service or imprisonment up to 7 years.
Recall, the chairman of the State Control Committee Zenon crush was beaten in one of the hotels in Mogilev in July. Through several days whereupon incident Alexander Lukashenko removed from his post as chairman of the KGB Stepan Sukharenko and his first deputy Vasily Dzemyantsey. Meanwhile about the connection between the resignations and events in Mogilev not officially stated.
• Chairman of the National Audit Office crush came to the tribunal with watchmen, 14.11.2007

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