Sterlitamakskij petrochemical plant began production of the new products

Moscow, 24.12.2010.
"Sterlitamakskij petrochemical plant" received pilot lots of new products — vysokostirolnogo emulsion styrene butadiene rubber SKS-1739, said the company.

This grade is similar SBR-1739, which is used abroad in the production of high-speed tires of the "A" for race cars.

The main difference SCS 1739 from other styrene-butadiene rubbers, — high environmental friendliness, which is achieved by using as a plasticizer oil such as Norman-346 low polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. Moreover, tire treads made of rubber that have improved adhesion to wet road surface.

Rubber specimens were transferred to the scientific and technical centers tire companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the European tire enterprises producing tires for passenger cars, heavy trucks, tractors and other agricultural machinery.


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