Stolen signs

"Lithuanian President majestic country that razleglasya from the Baltic Sea to the Dark, now ignored his constant habit of beginning with the day turning on the computer. Closed the office door, he immediately approached amber shelves, on which stood a glass crown Vytautas stateliness. Seems, after his own election , the first time I went to the presidential suite, and he did not direct more attention to this archaic symbol of power. But yesterday at night wife urged him to read the young creator of the blockbuster, which wrote in all the papers … "Weird fantasies from time to time there these writers — President thought, flipping through page after staronkay.-Especially nowadays, when nobody forbids vyarztsi whatever you want. "creator began an affair with the fact that if the crown Vytautas drove through Poland, and there it was stolen. Further — more . He thought that the Muscovites were captured and eliminated majestically Duchy of Lithuania. izymatelstva This president is no longer resist. He threw the book on the floor and growled wife: "Yes, that he is? To perfectly willed, Muscovites still would Algirdas all destroyed. "But after calmed down and began to read the novel posmeham on, where everything was completely different. Creator Lithuania have now been malehankih provincial state which shares the former Lithuanian countryside large empire with a further 2 — mja countries with a very awkward here: Belarus and Ukraine. Besides there any reason to read as metropolitan language and used the Cyrillic alphabet.
"A lot of these writers drink," — said the president’s wife and then did not read. But now, when held in the hands of the crown, he thought: "What would happen, if the crown is not really drop off Vytautas"? And he suddenly felt terribly … "
Minsk November 15, some two thousand years. With Valentine Akudovich vydumanak philosopher. "
Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "In Minsk studio without barriers we talk with philosopher Valentin Akudovich. Valentin, sure, most of our students are part of the innumerable losses that throughout history has suffered Belarus. Something Belarusians stole someone else, then they have given due own indifference. And in the midst of a lost, stolen a lot of values with measurement landmark, symbolic. Same crown Vytautas is something huge, than a work of art. Why is it even a day or before that causes reflection politicians, historians, philosophers, writers? "
Valentin Akudovich: "Since it is a series of the values, the absence of which a constructive impact our historical destiny and the formation of civilization. Plot about the disappearance of the royal crown Vytautas well known, and because each repeat it in a few words. If the crown with all relevant certificates carried through Poland, where she was gone. Hitherto no one knows the names of the thieves. But as statedcamping, the fact remains that the crown was stolen. "
Rakytskyy: "And from that Vytautas went to the light is not a king, but only the prince and his country did not become a kingdom. And if it all came together because dreamed and planned Vytautas, what would it change?"
Akudovich: "At that time, Vytautas was an old man and also had no descendants. A means after his death for the crown began to ruthless hassle. We will not guess who hypothetically of bidders had more chances to win, because then we absolutely Ruhnu in the fantasy genre. note for us more substantial. Lofty Duchy of Lithuania, Lithuania became a kingdom, not a piece, and all their array would be in Latin civilization, and the processes of European integration, in modern parlance, would be in our land is much more intense and systemic. A means all walking and geopolitical developments in the region have acquired a different logic. "
Rakytskyy: "There were options?"
Akudovich "Options had a lot of. And among them, I would not rule out such and in which we would remember Poland, in other words Slavic people with Latin culture. In other words, we could be Europeans not only geographically and historically, and civilization. "
Rakytskyy: "By the way, in one of his own essay you compare with the royal crown Vytautas Nobel Prize Bykov in the sense afterdnyuyu Belarusians also stolen. Not very risky thesis? "
Morozov: "Not only risky, but simply adventurous. Already at least since this procedure merits completely closed. And nobody ever knows why give it one and the other, of course, more worthy, overlook. Together with the fact I can I can not help feeling that Vasil Bykov was left without the Nobel Prize is not the fact that I was not worthy of this award. And let yourself for May intuition looks more than strange, but I clearly appears that some forces did not want to, so Belarus had a Nobel laureate and even more so, so it is Vasily Bykov. After all, it would mean not only global recognition throughout the Belarusian literature and the language in which it is created, and the legitimization of the Belarusians of this civilization. "
Rakytskyy: "What more signs of civilization was stolen from the Nation?"
Akudovich: "In the midst of many other things I would first allocated stolen ethnonyms our Protz, namely" Lithuanians "and" Rusyn. "On the first of them appeared in Lithuania, the second Russian Muscovites zamanifestavali. And we are left with nothing in general and therefore long Time wasand obliged to call themselves "local" until the 19th century, it has not instilled this bureaucratic-poetic name of Belarus. We got used to it, and we like it even seems fine, but do not forget that this poetic kantselyaritom us cut off from our history. And now every time looking into the past, we must engage in various manipulations to contact actions of the former with today Belarus. Suffice it to recall "the Bible" Skarina contained language which he called "Russian language". Let me explain this is not very educated Belarusians, and even more the stranger that this "Russian language"Had little to do with what was then the language of the Muscovites, and the Russian people of that time in the modern language is called a Belarusian or Ukrainian."
Rakytskyy: "Which of these 2-lost etnonimov more sorry for you? With whom, in your opinion, the Belarusians have lived happily and more and more civilized, and more rich?"
Akudovich: "It’s a pity both, because any of them expressed their ethnic truth as our Protz, who at various times lived on these lands. Together with that, nor any of them individually is not bowed and the time and place of our Protz hundred percent. ethnonym "Lithuanians" seems to be left behind by their breadth earlier history, the history of the Principality of Polotsk first. As opposite: Lights incompleteness ethnonym rooted "Russian", especially when it comes to western expanse of our region. And so easy to realize Vaclav Lastovsky and his followers, who already a century trying to consolidate the title of Belarus "wings", and Belarusians renamed "Krivichy." On a theoretical level, this idea looks quite presentable, because our lands krivichi preceded and Litvin, and Ruthenians, and because the ethnonym "curve" takes off like a dispute between them. Besides, he assigns Belarusians historical vershnasts in the region, as directly links our ethnic beginning with the depths of the pagan 1000 lety. But in reality, it seems adepts "Krivsk" ideas have no no chance to see the signs of it on the banner of civilization. Being, we continue to remain Belarusians, despite the loss of all those that made us harder this ethnonym ".
Rakytskyy: "Belarusians said:" Although a stallion called, only the shafts NOT harness the horse. "This simple saying may appeared of any specific situations, but at the same, or it does
not show indifference and Belarusians to who they will call : Kriviches Litvinov, Ruthenians or someone else? "
Akudovich: "If this is really so, then here is very hibyats Belarusians. Symbolic values are significantly more expensive though real. Catching ethnonym" Lithuania ", Lithuanians were able to rewrite over the entire rich heritage majestically Duchy of Lithuania. And specifically through the inheritance they are now not only formed as civilization, and sheltered from the misfortunes of history the European Union. On the other hand, securing a ethnonym "Rus", Muscovites have caught every reason to seek to discover our earth as "Russian eternity." By the way, calling us "eternally Russian", they certain sense were right. But the problem is that the Muscovites themselves such as time and were not. If to whom this definition may be more or less correctly matched, so it’s the Ukrainians. "
Rakytskyy: "It turns out that Muscovites, robbing the first Belarusian to one of their relatives ethnonyms, and then capturing the Belarusian land, freed them from themselves?"
Akudovich: "Specifically so. However, the declarations they released us from ourselves and from the oppression of the Polish and Lithuanian gentry that those Russian Tipo kept in captivity. But whereupon their release, we also now looking for themselves and in time and in space. By the way, such as an approach to history and Belarusians remained under the Bolsheviks, which only added to it another exemption from the Belarusians "Russian tsarist oppression."
Rakytskyy: "And what is more to motivate the Bolsheviks — real or symbolic values? What they are stolen?"
Akudovich: "The Bolsheviks anything from anyone not steal. They just took everything that they needed to recycle whole world on your own way. In their language it was called expropriation. And under it are equally fall within both real and symbolic value. But one very important thing for us they are all exactly is stolen. Here I mean cross Euphrosyne. This story is more black than the disappearance of Vytautas majestically crowns. But no matter where and who is now a cross, he was brutally stolen and blame in this Bolshevik government. By the way, unlike the previously mentioned for symbolic values, loss of cross Euphrosyne conceptually in the fate of Belarusians seem to have changed nothing. But I wish it for some reason, as not a lot of things More. Maybe since the middle of the magic only symbolic values bind us to the unknowable. And when this luchva breaks, we are left without the sky overhead. "
Rakytskyy: "And now let’s imagine that all left with Belarus Belarusian: Vytautas and crown, and their defining ethnonyms, and many, many other things, is not indicated in this conversation. What would have happened?"
Akudovich: "At first we would not be with you, Vyacheslav, and we do not currently have were sitting in the studio, reflecting on our losses. Would not it be, if only because then there would be no and no Belarus Belarusians. Indeed, without these historical losses Protz our way would have been a very different geopolitical configuration, from which followed would have been other wars, defeats, victories. And although in the main not only the world, but even from Europe is unlikely to have changed significantly, but all our lands everywhere would not because there is now. "
Rakytskyy: "So, Belarusians and do not need to feel sorry for these losses?"
Akudovich: "Pity can and must, together with the fact you need to think clearly that as a civilization, as well as an individual, it is — the fruit and not just the result of acquisitions, and losses. And we now have the white light such as we have , just as the history of our Protz developed specifically so Makar and not others. "

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