Storing and other processes memory


The basic processes associated with the memory, — a memorization, preservation and Forgetting.

Chief among them — is memorization. The learning process begins at the stage of sensory memory. Further information is provided in the short-term memory, where the regrouping of different elements memorized. The basic encoding process takes place on the stage of long-term memory: it is here that the analysis carried out and the identification of the different characteristics of the information.

Preservation. It is also called archiving. In the short-term memory stores information about the various events of our lives. In fact, short-term memory entirely autobiographical. Long-term memory is a kind of framework for the short-term. It stores not only the individual memories, but the rules, regulations.

Forgetting. Manifested in different ways: from the individual errors in recollection and recognition to an inability to not only remember, but also to learn the previously perceived. Forgetting may be temporary, long-term and sustainable. The reasons may be forgetting: Failure of information for a long time, age, or the mechanism of suppression.

What affects the memorization?

If information, which we have to remember, is repeated many times, it is stored for a longer period of time. As an example, the road, which we walk daily or multiplication table.

Important to remember is, and the context in which the information is received, necessary to remember. Not in vain from one subject teacher remembered better than the other, not in vain, there is a "sign" — to return to the place where people remember something (actually back in the same context).

We will always remember best what we want to learn, than what we are really interested. That is why in the heat of argument, we are much easier to remember the arguments that support our position than the arguments that go with it contrary.

Finally, it is important to remember that the information is as much linked with some other facts supplied and in other contexts.

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