Student blood taken without restrictions

Admission plan — 17 l. a day — on the Road station of blood transfusion is now executed. Whether the condition persists after the abolition of privileges, then do not know. Main hope — for students, says chief Dr. Zbigniew Pabyarzhyn station:
"Maybe if we declare that the benefits of completed act, and then something changed. But we very many students take them with virtually no restrictions. Benefits they practically do not use, and surcharges to scholarships we do them. They walked and will walk. "
In Belarus, 20 stations and 41 branch blood transfusion. Measured in store for many begins to decrease. The Republican Scientific and Practical Center gematalegii who coordinates the work, do not hide that is actively preparing for the substitution of donor blood frames. Says the center’s director Misha Potapnev:
"If some of the donors focuses attention on this, then surely we will change these donors. First — on youth. And in educational institutions, and businesses — will agitate those who are not the primary. "
Do we need donors benefits ask the people on the streets of the town:
Man: "Man decides — to donate blood or not. It’s his choice. "
Lady: "Well, when people can it mattersbe charitable. But this depends on many people’s lives. Because donors need to pay fine. "
Lady: "Donor certainly must be benefits, as well as humane is a human value. "
Man: "If donors give blood, they sacrifice and own life. Therefore they should certainly be benefits. "
Bureaucrats of Medicine in Belarus continue to refer to the fact that in countries zabugornyh donation more charitable. They say, specifically to this and calls on the Council of Europe:
"Abroad, nothing is paid. They give cup of coffee, biscuits, T-shirt and all. When I in Vienna for blood donation students paid 15 euros."
Striking donors from Mogilev asked for an official explanation in Strasbourg, says the chairman of the organizing committee of the charity fund donors from Mogilev Igor Kovalenko:
"We have a message from the EU Parliament that our letter was received by the Secretary General. Answer is no. Zabugornyh But there are countries and compensation, and services, and other donors to perpetuate their own. And so on all countries European Union ".
In accordance with the law "On ordering privileges to certain categories of people", which comes into effect on December 16, donors lose 50 percent discount on dentures, 50 percent pay the price of pharmaceuticals and benefits to spa healing. "
Global Health Organization, the European Union and the red cross of moral reasoning refutes the charge for blood donation. But European countries, only 5 have a free donation system only — it is Finland, Serbiya, Slovenia, Spain and England. In the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Makedonii, Romania and Croatia donors awarded days of leave from work. In Germany allowed payment of blood donation.
• Mogilev donors appealed to the Council of Europe to explain, 25.09.2007
• Mogilev not enough donors, 14.09.2007

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