Students of the Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk cr.) — A new hostel

In the Siberian Federal University commissioned the first phase of the hostel. Settlers will be 387 university freshmen — holders of special certificates for settlement.

950 certificates were issued September 1, 2011 nonresident first-year students who have not received a place in the hostel. The remaining certificates will be exchanged for seats in the new dormitory on completion of construction.

New hostel consists of two 10-storey buildings, connected by a block of public purpose. The question of where to place the gym, an internet club, medical center, canteen and student clinic. One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are equipped dormitory bathroom and kitchen. The hostel is fully equipped with everything necessary for living: furniture, soft items, ranges, refrigerators, washing machines.

photo coverage of the Siberian Federal University here

New dormitory built on a vacant lot behind the current hostel number 20. It will be fully commissioned by September 1, 2012.

A total of Siberian Federal University will build six new dormitories for students. Program funding is nearly 3 billion rubles. There are parking spaces for 200 cars.

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