Suicide in America has become more than road deaths

According to the latest data from the National Center for health Statistics (National Center for Health Statistics — NCHS), suicide topped the list of causes of premature mortality in the United States.

Over the last decade of road deaths was 25% less. The number of suicide attempts, by contrast, has jumped by 15%. In addition, significantly increased the number of accidental poisoning deaths (128%) and falls (71%). The latter figure has increased due to non-compliance of safety measures at construction sites of America.

In connection with the shocking statistics from the Department of Health (DOH) with the participation of some of the largest non-profit organizations will discuss measures that will help reduce the number of suicides. It is likely that 2013 will be the "year of care for people with suicidal tendencies."

One of the reasons that cause people to commit suicide is the economic crisis, and it gave rise to problems — unemployment, lack of money and the loss of homes (due to foreclosure procedures often collapse of the family).

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