Supreme Tribunal complaint make out movement For Freedom

Judgment will begin on December 18. This our radio Now Yuri said Hubarevich — one of 3 applicants complaint.
He, along with Alex and Kovalets Milinkevich on behalf of the founders of the Movement "For Freedom" require the Department of Justice to reverse the decision, which refuses to register them.
Yuri Hubarevich states that present day the ministry was only one claim — as if the constituent assembly was held not in accordance with the requirements of the law on mass events:

"In their view, get together before, we need to apply to the local administration, and has to get permission whereupon conduct constituent assembly.

And in our opinion, it is fully consistent with the law governing the establishment of public associations. There is nowhere this is written. This, in our view, the Ministry of prank. "

Movement "For Freedom" is already the second time appealing the decision of the ministry. First time Supreme Tribunal Ministry admitted acts appropriate legislation. Whereupon the founders of the movement held a constituent assembly and reuse again applied for registration. But in the second time the Ministry of Justice refused to pioneer the creation of movement.

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