Surgut GRES-2 — the most powerful thermal power plant in Russia

Author of the report — Vadim Mahora (LJ dedmaxopka)

Over recent times I have visited two power plants, which are the most powerful in Russia in the segment. First — this is the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, the second — Surgut GRES-2. In this post we will focus on the latter.

The abbreviation "TPP" stands for urban areas powerhouse. Over time, the term "power plant" has lost its original meaning ("District"), and in the modern sense is, as a rule, condensing power plant (CPP) of high-power working in a grid system, along with other large power plants.

1. Surgut GRES-2 — a branch of E.ON Russia, located in the city of Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — Yugra.

 The main difference between the QES CHP lies in the fact that the station does not heat the turbine steam extraction, thus only produces electricity.


In the 1980s, due to the rapid pace of growth of oil and gas in the middle Ob there was a shortage of energy consumption. There was a need to take a leap of electricity generation in the Tyumen region: it was necessary to increase the share of electricity produced by five times. It was decided to build a powerful power plant in Surgut — the oil capital of Russia.

Design of the plant was put into operation in accordance with the Council of Ministers on November 15, 1979 № 1000. Commissioning of the first unit was held February 23, 1985. Six major power on the associated gas were put into service in the years 1985-1988.

According to the initial draft of all had to be put 8 units of 800 MW each, after which the total capacity of the plant was to be 6400 MW. The design capacity of the plant record was to make it the most powerful thermal power plant in the world, but the two remaining blocks on associated gas were not in operation and one of the three pipes power plant is not used.

The installed capacity of the plant at the moment is 5,597.1 MW, including 797.1 MW — power of two new combined-cycle units entered in the 3rd quarter of 2011, as part of the investment program of E.ON Russia. Such power does SUGRES-2 most powerful thermal power plant in Russia and the second in the world.

Construction of the seventh and eighth units of 400 MW of natural gas was carried out of the original design of the plant. The power units that use as fuel purified natural gas, built in separate buildings, using steam-gas cycle and have an electrical efficiency of about 51-58%. The equipment was supplied by the American company "General Electric".
4. Power units number 7 and number 8. In the background, Surgut GRES-1.

Unlike gas turbines (new seventh and eighth GSU) of the steam power used in the first 6 Units PSU — higher efficiency, greater environmental friendliness, lower water consumption.
5. In 2012, electricity production reached a record high during the existence of the station — 39,967 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. Just after the start of the first power Surgut GRES-2 generated more than 820 billion kilowatt-hours

Surgut GRES-2 runs on associated petroleum gas (70%) and natural gas (30%), it makes it more environmentally friendly compared to any other thermal power plants, coal-fired.

7. The height of 273 meters of pipes.

8. SUGRES-2 is adjacent to another strong station — SUGRES-1. Both of these plants form two reservoirs, which are involved in the circulating water to cool the power plant heat exchangers.

9. Get inside the PSU power. In the picture the computer room, which is located 6 steam turbine K-800-240-5 (800 MW)

10. Steam boiler TGMP 204HL-performance 2650 tons of steam per hour. They, too, 6 — one for each unit of the CSP.
The photo is visible because of the overlap, only half the boiler. Total height of the boiler of about 70 meters.

Thermal Design of the unit is as follows:



13. The station has a modular control panels (MCR) and the central control unit (CPU). In the photo the control room.

14. CPU


16. The total number of employees at the plant about 1,250 people.




20. Move into the GSU. In the photo steam turbine type D10 GE power of ~ 400 MW. There are two turbines. Panorvye boilers failed to take off due to the fact that they are completely closed, remove something impossible.





25. 7 and 8 GSU


27. View of the first 6 units. PSU against PSU looks moppet

28. At the station, there are a few labs that conduct strict control of water, gas, etc.


30. Let's go back to the kinds of the station. On the first day of my stay at the station I was able to pull off a beautiful sunset, which can be found on the last two pictures.


32. Zaenchkovsky Vladimir Kazimirovich — spokesman Surgut GRES-2. I express my gratitude to him for assistance in the shooting and for a good company.

33. Sunset

34. That's all, thank you for your attention.

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