Surgut police noted housewarming

September 11, Surgut inaugurated a hostel for police officers. On this day, housewarming noted 234 employees at Surgut, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs District 25 employees with a dislocation in the city. Among them was the young staff, graduates Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2012 and large families of policemen.

Novoselov congratulated the Deputy Governor of Ugra Gripas Valentin, head of the District Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasyl Romanitsa, deputy head of the administration of Surgut Alex Safiollin, and the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Surgut Alexander Erohov.

House number 23 on the street Ivan Zakharov's hard to call the hostel. This is a full apartment building. There are one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments with private bathrooms, balconies and other amenities. All apartments are equipped with furniture and appliances. In addition, each entrance has a concierge. The building is equipped with the district police station, around the perimeter of the home video cameras. In the courtyard is located a large children's playground, which the guys have already rated. 
It feels like a hostel for MIA employees in the next year will be in the Khanty-Mansiysk, and a year later — in the village of Bely Yar Surgut region. 
"Improving the living conditions of the police should contribute to the maintenance of public order, security of the normal, as in the town, the whole district," — said the head of the District Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasyl Romanitsa.

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