Surkov, Putin prepares offset

In the circumstances at the time of the Russian political world situation only Surkov poses a real threat to Putin's presidency.

Today, May 8, there was a kind of sensation: the president of RussiaVladimir Putinsacked Deputy Prime Minister, Head of GovernmentVladislav Surkov. The press service of the Kremlin on this occasion said that the deputy head of the cabinet to resign voluntarily. The decree came into force upon signature by the President.

It should be stated that the president made a move to stay ahead of events that could have ended very sad for him.

In general, the recent name seemed to be finally departed in the shadow of the former "gray cardinal" of Russian domestic politics, Vladislav Surkov was constantly on the lips. Almost every few days to get among the top news came his next statement. Not an exception this week. One of the main issues is practically blocked the dismal reports about the rally liberals May 6, 2013, became a part-time sparring with Surkov, the official representative of the Investigative Committee of RussiaVladimir Markin. Some media have already discerned in their swordplay division and conflict in the Russian government summit.

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