Survey in Minsk: Just do not change the declaration

Lady: "I am afraid of it read. That is our country. "
Woman: "Violated human rights. "
Young Man: "In my opinion, this is not the first UN resolution and the adoption of similar documents is not terminated, means they will not have an impact on the situation in Belarus. Because sense in their decision, I do not see."
Man: "It depends on the reaction control, whether it will or not. On how policy of Belarus is able to respond in relation to other states, as it is mobile. In other words, if he has any dependence on Europe, on the decision of the United Nations or not, or have other projects. I think if management has the ability to bypass the UN decision, it will bypass it. If not — will be required. "
Lady "I think, such that various international reaction in our country do not pay attention. I believe it must attention given those who are close to you. "
Young Man: "No, I think that is unlikely. Our management has taken the position that the UN set up against our country, and no action will be accepted. They believe that the UN biased to our state."
Man: "I think not. At least, until that is felt."
Woman: "Naturally, I would like the authorities to listen to the resolution. Lude, unfortunately — not the government."
Young Man: "I think that generally has no effect. Fact that the UN takes very rarely comes, is just a piece of paper. I know that the U.S. has recently been adopted resolution regarding economic sanctions — that it really can act. And what -that declaration will not change anything. "
Youth"Our country is almost according to the UN, and its decisions have no effect on anything in our country. Our country needs many more configurations to do."
Old man: "There’s a policy against being incorrectly our country. Nonsense, nesunetsitsu bear against Belarus, scoundrels! "
Young Man: "The government will listen, but the situation is probably not exchanged."
Young Man: "The media has a disk imaging filters and such information does not reach the people."
Man: "On my eyes, much will have no effect. We have a couple of years — from 1994 in the old way, as it was, so be it. Violated the law and violate. The authorities do not listen to those resolutions. Policy inside Belarus is will not have any influence. "

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