Swedish films on the screens in the Belarusian Minsk

Salting Stefan Eriksson Belarusian turned to students who came to the show with various Minsk schools. Most of them — students of Russian schools.
Stefan Eriksson said Radio Liberty:
"Came different kids. Invited of Belarusian schools. Came from Russian too. We were curious for the first time to show films on Belarusian language. Such a position. Fundamentally not fundamentally … But if there is such a possibility, then, naturally, we’ll give preference to white filmsRussian language . "
Before showing the movie "Little Nils Carlson" accomplished little quiz devoted to the work of Astrid Lindgren, the writer who inspired many generations of readers malehankih and forever changed the Swedish children’s literature.
Tape shown in Swedish with English subtitles and simultaneous translation into Belarusian.
Viewers than "Crumbs Nils Carlson ‘will see two movies -" All of our kids Byulerbyu "and" The Brothers Lionheart Heart. "
In October and early November, the tape has appeared in Vitebsk and Mogilev. At the moment they offer viewers attention Minsk.
Festival on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Astrid Lindren holds office of the Swedish Embassy in Minsk, with the support of the Swedish Institute, and Belarusian partners.
Astrid Lindren anniversary, November 14 which would have been 100 years old, celebrated in globally. Workshops, exhibitions, film festival taking place in Berlin, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Budapest.
By the centenary a day or birthday Astrid Lindren edition 2 thousand copies in Minsk, Belarus started the book "The Kid and Carlson-to-roof." Prepared for publication, another book by the famous author — "Pippi Longstocking" — it will also be released in Belarusian.
"Carlson-a-roof" translated into Belarusian Yuri zhelezyaku, literary editor was linguist Lavon Barshcheuski. "Pippi Longstocking" in Belarusian come first 2008. Translation service of the Belarusian producer engaged in "Radio Sweden" Dmitry Plax. Belarusian "Pippi Longstocking" will be written with pictures of Ingrid van Nyman.

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