T-90 and Terminator podmarafetilis to open showroom in Abu Dhabi.

UralVagonZavod at an exhibition in Abu Dhabi will present a modernized tank T-90 in the new livery. Although the military salon IDEX will open only on Sunday, our tanks, according to the vice-premier Rogozin, has already managed to "take a trip to a local make-up artist and a bit put on a little makeup." As proof he cites the pictures from the capital of the United Arab Emirates.


Uralvagonzavod is a permanent member of the prestigious international defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The highlight of the exhibition Uralvagonzavod modernized tank T-90 is not the first time presented at the salon. Fighting vehicle thanks to its performance characteristics are well proven. The exhibition will show the tank in action their combat power and maneuvering capabilities.

This year the exhibition will be presented Uralvagonzavod military equipment located under the open sky. The main exhibit of the exhibition will be car fire support. It is, according to Rogozin, also "for the company podmarafetilas."

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