T-90 purchased by Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan

Main battle tanks T-90 is still in demand in the international arms markets. According to the blog bmpd, according to available information, in 2011, of "Rosoboronexport", contracts for the supply of lots of tanks T-90S production of JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.
In 2009, it became known to acquire Turkmenistan, according to various estimates, from 4 to 10 tankovT-90C. The transaction was implemented as soon as possible, and, soon after the development of the crews, the tanks were used extensively during the exercise of various sizes.
Apparently, Turkmenistan was pleased with the quality of the acquired tanks, so decided on a new deal. How much is being purchased new MBT will be and what modification is still unknown.
No details of the contract with Azerbaijan. This dynamic country currently operates armored vehicles, which went to the breakup of the Soviet Union, as well as about a hundred T-72 were purchased in Belarus and Ukraine.
The tanks are obsolete and in their tactical and technical characteristics correspond to the level 80s. It is therefore not surprising that the Azerbaijani leadership has decided to upgrade the country's fleet of armored. Part of the existing T-72 has been modernized with the help of foreign experts, which was finalized on fire control system, installed new communication navigation. This allowed, to some extent, improve the performance of tanks, but the firepower, protection and mobility of these modernized "semdesyatdvoyki" remained at the same level.
And, considering all the pros and cons, most likely, the choice was made in favor of Nizhny Tagil machines.
It is not known what version purchased tanks. The fact is that Indian and Algerian version of the T-90S tanks look similar, but the Algerian tanks have air-conditioning and fire control system appeared automatic target tracking. Its presence has significantly increased its ability to conduct fire the gun, and the use of guided missiles.
It is possible that we are talking about the last modification of the tank in Nizhny Tagil — T-90ms. Anyway, we will soon find out, because apart from military maneuvers, yet there are parades in which the state demonstrate that they have been made to strengthen its defense capability.

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