Taisa Kabanchuk: Enthusiastic readers are not interested in government

Ulitenok: "What are the current Bobruisk library?"
Kabanchuk: "Over the past 10 years their number has changed."
Ulitenok: "Although the city has increased significantly …"
Kabanchuk: "Yes. But I have no disk imaging on the opening of a modern library."
Ulitenok: "Your former colleagues cling to the job?"
Kabanchuk: "One of the love for the profession. Someone get nowhere else. Especially in this town like ours. Others modify to their own benefit. Anyway income people do not tie special: even the first category has only about 200 conventional units. But it all-all falsificating! Without their leaves in half. People culture, especially librarians, absolutely not shikuyut. "
Ulitenok "Library funds: lack of recent literature, magazines, press?"
Kabanchuk "Subscriptions only from the top down — only municipal. For example, the press."
Ulitenok: "Librarians know that the demand to the process of influence does not have?"
Kabanchuk: "Once promised that they will be able to use without the help of others for the purposes assets acquired from paid services. But how it came to action, then anyone not admitted to the money. "
Ulitenok: "What first worries librarians town? "
Kabanchuk: "Low wages. Plus lack of modern, so to speak, range ".
Ulitenok: "And what is interesting guests Bobruisk libraries? Who are they?"
Kabanchuk: "In the main, students and pupils. And actually read only one program literature."
Ulitenok: "It turns out that enthusiasm for books became less?"
Kabanchuk: "No. It is something else: people came, came, and suitable new fiction no … How can not meet the demand, then finished interested in us. Render now prefer web. Opposition publications."
Ulitenok: "And what were interested in before?"
Kabanchuk "book Vasil Bykov, Olga Ipatovoj, Vladimir Orlov … And the ability to find them in the library is not. Government forbids. Managers libraries that can not do anything. Their desires are not considered by anyone. Especially since — desire of readers … "

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