Taisa Kabanchuk: Student hostels steel secure facilities

Ulitenok "Thais, as you have sons?"
Kabanchuk: "Two: one 33, the other 31"
Ulitenok: "It is, perhaps, have grandchildren?"
Kabanchuk: "Three. Youth — she, as always, is very different. A related she would never be. All this is dependent on the structure of our society, and it, too busy, patchy."
Ulitenok: "What became over the years the young Belarusian independence? You had the opportunity to follow the changes in the student’s environment. "
Kabanchuk: "First-1990s was a time of the greatest freedom in society."
Ulitenok: "It turns out that the generation was more free? "
Kabanchuk: "I think — yes. Indeed, at the moment of horror stories everywhere. How approaching any opposition activities, then all afraid of arrests, exceptions institutions … Student hostels, colleges, Institute of Steel regime’s institutions. Nobody can pass freely. Pronounced delay, require a passport. Even if ancestors come to their children, it just can not go. And it affects all — young more private parts become flegmantichnymi everything. "
Ulitenok: "Are there young people in your party organization?"
Kabanchuk: "30 percent."
Ulitenok: "It turns out that not all the horror stop?"
Kabanchuk: "Yes, obviously. But it is quite a small part."
Ulitenok: "A what’s happening working environment of the youth to build? "
Kabanchuk: "The work is not so easy to find us. Especially since young people. As a result, many leaves on the west, even more — in Russian. And this is the main best. And who are satisfied with wages in 200 conventional units and even less who have small requirements, they remain in Bobruisk … "
Ulitenok: "… the wild waves of life?"
Kabanchuk "Just wander through our area with a beer bottle in hand bags and seeds."

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