Taisa Kabanchuk: Unite in one — and then a single candidate

Ulitenok: "Why did you choose specifically Gramado, rather than, say, or UCP Front?"
Kabanchuk: "When my offspring was sitting in jail for" Volodarka "I very often visited him in Minsk …"
Ulitenok: "… I’m sorry — what happened to him?"
Kabanchuk: "For his role in opposition actions. Investigation was conducted six months after the tribunal: Three years suspended for two … So here’s to the bullpen, met with prominent politicians. For example, with Misha Cherniavsky, who was a member of the Central Committee of the "People of the Hulk." Then just split, and I gathered people’s homes under the new wing — 25 people. At this point we have three times more. "
Ulitenok: "With other parties run across?"
Kabanchuk: "Several frontovtsev. But in the main we accept new people, previously non-partisan."
Ulitenok: "In Minsk observed just dezyntegratsyynyya processes … "
Kabanchuk: "We have more awareness than in the center. All in the coalition. Only"Freedom Movement"Rests on a certain distance."
Ulitenok: "There was in connection with the creation of the Movement of cases where people were poured and raised, respectively, the question there — or is there?"
Kabanchuk: "Some members of our party in the last election worked Milinkevich, we even they did not put such ultimatums. Indeed, at that time, many do not really know Kozulin and psychologically easier it work was his Democratic opponent, it is clear … In the end, we all work on one thing — what’s the difference? "
Ulitenok: "Right now Statkevich returned another Social Democratic Party …"
Kabanchuk: "Let him do."
Ulitenok: "And if you want to have a community here in Bobruisk?"
Kabanchuk: "Remains of adherents Statkevich and we currently have, but they are lost somewhere — not long to hear about them. Maybe again gather together, and there are people in business — what’s wrong?"
Ulitenok: "How do you feel about the idea of the reverse — to collect all the Social Democrats in one piece?"
Kabanchuk "To this aim just and you need to go. If we certainly join in one democracy, and can then be our only candidate accepted by society as a whole. "

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