Tambov is ready to take 6000 persons

The prospects for the voluntary resettlement of the Tambov region of compatriots living abroad, was devoted to a briefing head of the regional department of labor and employment Mikhail Filimonov. The briefing was also attended by the Acting Head of the Federal Migration Service of the Tambov region Olga Vorobyov and Head of the office Valentine Khokhlov.

July 18 by the Federal Government approved the State program of the Tambov region to assist the voluntary resettlement in the region of compatriots living abroad, 2013-2020. In this case, the decision of the State Interdepartmental Commission Tambov program is recognized as one of the best, most detailed and meets all the necessary requirements.


Tambov in 2008 among the 12 "pilot" areas which originally were tested mechanisms of the program. During this time, the region has moved more than 2 thousands people, over 80 percent of them have settled in the countryside. Over 67 per cent of arrivals — people of working age, 24 per cent — the children. The men came more than women. More than 40 percent have moved already purchased their own homes.

Originally settlers took six districts. Now countrymen are waiting across the region. Currently, there are more than a dozen Tambov temporary accommodation centers settlers established banks and housing job vacancies.

Thanks to the program, on the Tambov moved dozens of highly qualified professionals. For example, doctors 35. In Nikiforovsky District 8 medics arrived, Michurinsky — 6, in Sosnowski — 4. The district authorities, in turn, as an added incentive to establish a one-time payment of displaced professionals.

The Governor Oleg Betin said recently, "Tambov waiting compatriots. The region's economy, more than ever, we need experts who can find a use for their knowledge and skills in the practical field, to make a contribution to the development of the area. "

Federal budget to each participant of the program are provided so-called "roll-up" — a lump sum payment in the amount of 20,000 rubles, as well as 10,000 — for each family member. Realizing how difficult it is to start life in a new place, Tambov authorities have decided to pay each migrant, in addition to 11 thousand rubles.

The new program significantly expands the list of professionals who are required region. So, now the program participants may be entrepreneurs who already have a business, or ready to launch it in Russia.

Currently, the migration service received more than 900 applications from potential immigrants. This year, the number of compatriots who wish to move to Tambov, increased by 1.6 times.

All in all, 2020 is going to take our region to 6,000 persons, of which 3.5 thousand — skilled professionals.

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