Tambov Pigment opened a new production of synthetic resins for 350 million rubles

In the squares of the Tambov "pigment" (part of an industrial group "Summary") commissioned the production of synthetic resins with improved environmental performance. The total investment is estimated at 350 million rubles. The project was realized in cooperation of the regional administration and the Joint-Stock Company "Izorok."

The head of the region, Oleg Betin called production opened production of "new generation", first of all, for its environmental friendliness. "It is important that the project involves three major Tambov enterprise: he" Pigment ", a local plant" Komsomolets ", which produces equipment, and basic consumer goods would be" Izorok ", — the head of the administration Oleg Betin.

JSC "Pigment" produces urea-formaldehyde resins — for furniture, glass fibers and nonwoven materials — and phenol formaldehyde — for mineral wool insulation.

Modernization of production of resins allow us to offer consumers a wide range of products conforming to European standards for quality and environmental friendliness.

Payback period — five years. Funding for this project also carried out on the basis of cooperation — a syndicated loan was extended by three banks. In particular, 147 million rubles were received for "Pigment" in the five-year investment project of the Central Black Earth Savings Bank.

As the general director of CJSC "Izorok" Victor Yurkin, using resins produced by "pigment" are reduced to zero transportation costs of the company, and in the future will be possible to decrease the selling price. The head of the region said that insulating materials that will be produced at the new resins can be used for both residential and social facilities.

It is believed in the administration, such cooperation is beneficial region: the development of an enterprise entails the development of the other, which inevitably leads to an increase in tax revenues.

JSC "Pigment" — a chemical company, is part of the industrial group "Summary." The range of companies — more than 350 kinds of products for the following industries: printing, refining, pulp and paper, paint, construction, chemical, light.

CJSC "Izorok" — a Russian company with 100% foreign share capital. Engaged in the production of mineral fibers and heat-insulating materials.

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