Tambovskiye industrial enterprises to invest in the modernization of its own

In the first half of Tambov industrial enterprises have invested in the modernization of its own about 700 million rubles

In the first half Tambov industrial enterprises have invested in the modernization of about 700 million, reported in the management of industry Tambov region.

In general, Tambov industrial enterprises have significantly increased levels of investment in modernization: 1.7 times — JSC "Tambov plant" October ", JSC" Pervomaiskkhimmash "- in 2.8 times of" electrical appliance "- by 2.5 times, of" Progress "- by 4.4 times, of" Tambovapparat "- in 4.8 times.

Thus, JSC "Tambov plant" Revtrud "for six months in 2013 sent 38,300,000 rubles of investments in fixed assets. At the enterprise modernization and reconstruction. JSC "Tambov plant" October "has mastered 159.3 million rubles, including introduced a sliding head lathes, milling machining center, vertical band saw and other equipment.
   In the chemical industry "Pigment" for six months in 2013 mastered 85,500,000 rubles of investments. The aggregate amount of investments for the whole period of implementation was 425 million rubles. Commissioned reactors for the production of resins and formaldehyde production line. Besides "Pigment" carries out projects for renovation of the production of additives for concrete, as well as modernization of energy supply companies. Among the engineering enterprises of JSC "Tambov factory" Komsomolets "them. Artemov "in the modernization of production has mastered an investment of 46.5 million rubles. JSC "Michurinsky plant" Progress "has invested 37.5 million rubles and implemented in five production units of the new equipment. The remaining industrial enterprises have invested in the modernization of its own from 5 to 20 million rubles.

As noted by the Head of Administration of the Tambov region Oleg Betin, the industry has been and remains one of the key areas of strategic development of the region, where it is necessary to increase the production of products with high added value by implementing the latest technology. The main tasks for today, in his opinion, are the reconstruction of existing and construction of new production facilities, industrial enterprises. Particular attention will be paid to the development of building materials, chemical industry and mechanical engineering.


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