Tambovskiye windows with nano retain heat

Nanocenter TSU GRDerzhavin name during the workshop conference "Energy saving and energy-saving technologies" that took place recently in Tambov, demonstrated his invention — the energy nanookna.

In appearance it is a regular window, but applied to the surface of the nanoparticles reflect falling on them from inside the premises of the far infrared spectrum back into the room. Test results showed that in contrast to conventional windows through which goes from room to 50% of the heat to the active window holds 95% of heat. Light transmission window does not suffer. The composition of the nanoparticles deposition has not yet been disclosed.

 Photo source:cnews.ru

Windows with nano do not miss the long-wave infrared

New nanookna now on mass production, which is engaged in Tambov company "Spectrum +". Buy them will be this summer, the estimated cost will be about 15-20% higher than the average price for Russian glass.

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