Tan and breast cancer

Tan and breast.

Sunny light has beneficial effects on the skin and metabolic processes in the human body — contributes to the formation and accumulation of vitamin D, necessary for the growth and regeneration of bone and ligaments. The sun's light and heat is stimulation of endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary, ovaries), and the normalization of metabolic processes, improving immunity, stimulation of melanin production in the skin (brown color).

However sunny Light and heat can have a devastating impact on the human body. With strong exposure to sunlight and heat is produced in the skin burn, prolonged exposure to the sun without the use of protective equipment can result in such a dangerous cancer such as melanoma of the skin. According to the World Health Organization in the United States for the year melanoma becomes ill and 32,000 people die 6000 800. In New Zealand, 23 percent of melanomas arise in connection with high insolation. The highest death rate from melanoma in Australia — over the past decade 2.38 women per 100 thousand people die each year.

Particularly destructive effect on the solar radiation delicate tissues of the breast. Hormonal imbalance occurs (the ratio of estrogen and progesterone), thereby changes in the breast tissue and may cause benign and malignant seals. In the U.S., breast cancer a year ill 177,000 women (1 in 8 women) and 44,000 women die per year, every 12 minutes dies woman breast cancer. In Europe, each year, 180,000 new cases of cancer breast.

Russia is the leader in women's mortality rates for breast cancer.

In this regard, prior to visiting the pyramids of Egypt, the beaches of Turkey, Greece, and other tropical countries and the south of Russia, it is necessary to consult a doctor and a breast eliminate problems at the mammary gland.

In identifying the ultrasound in breast cysts, areas of fibrosis, localized adenosis, fibrocystic mastitis, fibroadenoma — need to be treated to stop the growth of proliferative tissue breast and prevent the occurrence of cancer. And, unfortunately, give up the active sun. This will allow you not to have problems in the future due to the occurrence of cancer.

You should also refer to themammologists women before visiting the solarium (Turbo-solarium), because often after a visit to the solarium women complain of pain, and breast lumps, while the ultrasound revealed cysts, tumors in the breast, which are in need of conservative or surgical treatment.

In the normal state of the mammary glands or in the initial stage of diffuse mastopathy without cysts, fibroadenomas and fibroadenomatosis, with no inclination to the proliferative process of growth sunbathe possible, but using the following conditions:

  • sunbathing necessarily in a swimsuit with bra (chest must be closed);
  • You can sunbathe on 30 minutes with a break for water treatment in the morning until 12 o'clock in the afternoon and evening with15-16 hours before18-19 hours;
  • 12 to 15 sunbathe under the hot sun is not recommended because of increased solar radiation, it is the best time to be in the room or under an umbrella in the shade and drink plenty of fluids.

In solariums there is established a regime that must be performed (tan necessarily with closed chest, etc.), and any deviation from the norm during or after the sessions (the appearance of pain, swelling, breast lumps) need to seek emergencyby a breast specialist.

When cystic mastitis, pain in the breast, seals, discharge from the nipples, tumor formation sunbathe and enjoy the solarium must not!

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