That Belarusians can learn from the Jews?

Lady: "If it is believed that Jesus was a Jew, he was carrying only good. Is not it? So. Kitchen I never encountered them, and generally about them only know that."
Her husband: "Jews cohesion worth adopt. Jew, he was a Jew everywhere. Wherever he was, he will always be Jew. In short, their cohesion as it should, since we humans — is absolutely not the … "
Man: "You can take them from the desire of the slothful to education, their correct attitude toward people. Also — restraint berazhlivasts, kulturnasts because Jews — cultural civilization. Still said I would, that is exemplary dedication to their own faith. For example, as they are to own faith are, so we need to own and concerns. "
Man: "What to learn from the Jews? General I think, that Jews are more adapted to life. This is due, in 1-x, with their history as they had its own country, they are better able to adapt to different conditions. In-2, I do also think that the intellectual abilities of the Jews is much higher than in other nations. And I am very grateful to the Jews, as they created very many to establish statehood in Belarus. "
Old man: "At the moment, hard say that-or this: all of them in less and less, pazyazhzhali. But we can take from them, for example, pachtsivasts, I have friends here, we worked together for a long time. According to the latest live as they do not interfere with us, everything is fine. "
Old man: "At the moment, Jews celebrate Hanukkah prazdnichek, prazdnichek lovely, very fundamental in Jewish culture and history. Jews I congratulate this prazdnichkom and believe that Belarusians, and of other nations, with the Jewish culture, with those values which is based on the culture of this people, very fundamentally take national solidarity, mutual aid support. "
Man: "I do not even know which can be take from the Jews. If we talk about culture, it seems to me that no matter what culture — like flowers, you need to be rich one in the same, and not to share the culture — it Jewish, Uzbek or Kazakh, it is necessary not to divide, but to live in the world and everything. "
In the photo: Grodno Jews memorial plaque near the spot where he wasand Jewish cemeteries. They destroyed to build the stadium.

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